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I like computer games (Everquest, Diablo 2, Dota 2, poker) and AutoHotkey.
My website contains AutoHotkey/poker tutorials/examples and more.

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Last updated: 2022-08-10

Universal Replayer - install - oveview - cant run - code your own hand history replayer
 tested on: 	 windows 7 (64 bit)
 date of video: 2020-10-01

;------------------------- part 1: why universal replayer? (vs. alternatives)
;---------- pros:
 free, basic
	 poker tracker, hold'em manager: not free?
	 google results: upload hands? / not free?
;---------- cons:
(checks website for updates but website currently down?)
 2. requires internet to install and run?
 3. requires java
 4. pop-up windows about security

;------------------------- part 2: installation
 step 1. if possible, download install file ("universal_replayer.jnlp")
 step 2. if possible, run install file and download/install java if necessary
	 note: sets java to auto-update(can disable):
		 start menu, run, msconfig: "startup" tab: "Java Platform SE Auto Updater"
		 start menu,  searched for "configure java", "update" tab:
		"check for updates automatically
 step 3. look for guides on how to run install file
and set up pc so program can run

;------------------------- part 3: overview
;---------- instructions - import hand history
 INSTRUCTIONS: how to open a hand history
(how I did it; may be other ways)
 STEP 1. "file" menu, "convert history", 
 STEP 2. under "Input Data" section, click "Browse",
select hand history file(e.g. "my hand history.txt")
 STEP 3. under "Conversion" section, click "CONVERT"
 STEP 4. under "Conversion" section, click "Launch"
	 1. opened hand history
	 2. created file ".xml" in "IMPORTED" folder
	(this seems to be some generated file with every hand / every action
	transformed into some intermediate format usable by the program?)

;---------- overview: interface parts:
;----- "File" menu:
 "Open": 	 	I did not try this. Only used "Convert History".
 "Last Opened": 	I did not try this. Only used "Convert History".
 "Last Games":  	I did not try this. Only used "Convert History".
 "Save": 		I did not try this. Only used "Convert History".
 "Convert History": 	See screenshot (how to input hand history).
;----- "Options" menu, "Settings", "Auto Play" tab:
This affects the yellow play button
which will play the hand history like a video.
Seems to insert delays before different actions
to speed up or slow down the video replay.
;----- "Options" menu, "Settings", "Rounds Bar" tab:
This relates to the diagram at the bottom of the window:
There are gray/red/green tabs representing each hand.
The user can click on them to go to the hand.
I think they are colored according to change in player's chipstack from one hand to the next
(computed as next round's starting chipstack minus previous round's starting chipstack),
in terms of number of big blinds.
So, changing these settings will change the coloring of the tabs.
;----- "Filters", "Player:" drop-down list:
Shows hands from point of view of selected player
(so can view hands from opponents' point of view)
;----- "progression" slider, "Flop":
seems to update diagram at bottom to show
only hands that made it as far as the flop
;----- "progression" slider, "Turn":
seems to update diagram at bottom to show
only hands that made it as far as the turn
;----- "progression" slider, "River":
seems to update diagram at bottom to show
only hands that made it as far as the river
;----- "progression" slider, "Show":
seems to update diagram at bottom to show
only hands that made it as far as showdown
;----- "Money Invested" checkbox:
think this updates
diagram at bottom to show only hands where
player spent money other than posting blinds
;----- "Highlight" (bar of stars on the right side):
if I remember correctly,
the user can assign each hand a number of stars
(to categorize/bookmark the hand)
by clicking a number of stars beneath the save icon.
Then, the user can click a given number of stars
on the right, which updates the
display at the bottom:
A black line will be drawn through certain hands,
based somehow on the hands' number of stars.

;------------------------- part 4: wont run - code your own hand history replayer
;---------- STEP 1. find a programming language
 easy to learn
 "scripting" language

;---------- STEP 2. learn basic coding: (e.g. search engine, video websites)
;----- basic line-by-line code execution:
 loops / loop indexes (and variable "arrays")
 blocks of code designated by curly brackets "{ }"
 if statements
 goto statements, labels, subroutines, functions
;----- assigning values to things:
 variables, variable "arrays", expressions, operators
;----- dealing with files:
 how to transfer a text file's contents to a variable
;----- dealing with text:
 parsing loops(e.g. going line by line through hand history)
 in_string("abc","b") 		--equals 2
 sub_string("abcde",3,2) 	--equals "cd"
 string_length("abc")		--equals 3
 assigning text to a variable
 appending text to a variable
 replacing text within a variable
 removing text within a variable

;---------- STEP 3. code the hand history replayer:
;----- PLAN:
At first, make something minimally useful.
Something text-based.
Later, graphical, if you want.

;----- PLAN, CODING:
 STEP 3.1. transfer hand history text file contents into a variable.
 STEP 3.2. replace every player name with some generic identifying text,
e.g. "player1", "player2", etc,
to make it easier to deal with player-relative things.
 STEP 3.3. Parse hand history line by line.
Figure out how to deal with relevant lines to get relevant information.
(e.g. chip stacks, blinds, folds/checks/calls/bets/raises. board cards,
hole cards, showdown cards. with associated player numbers)
Form the output text however you want it to look.
Append it to a variable.

AutoHotkey - PokerStars hand history displayer - parse hand history - generate HTML - display graphically - script example
 Displays PokerStars hand history of a 6-player "sit and go" tournament graphically.
As opposed to PokerStars' default hand history window, which is textual and one-hand-at-a-time.
The AutoHotkey script parses the PokerStars hand history text file line-by-line, generating HTML code (the end result).
 INSTRUCTIONS: how to code your own hand history displayer: search this webpage/website for the text: "HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN HAND HISTORY REPLAYER"

AutoHotkey - PokerStars - generate opponent statistics for 6-player "sit and go" tournament - example script
 Displays statistics for each opponent.
E.g.: hands-played percentage. action counts and total amount spent, by round.
 INSTRUCTIONS: how to code your own PokerStars opponent statistics generator: search this webpage/website for the text: "HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN HAND HISTORY REPLAYER"

AutoHotkey tutorial - monitor text file contents
 Use settimer with file loop, fileread, and instr function to monitor text file contents.
Rename/move file on detection.

AHK - SQL hotstrings - webscrape product reviews - generate HTML - program/webpage automation - eg's
 SQL hotstrings/macros (code faster), webscraping product reviews (product research), generating HTML (e.g. poker hand history),
program/webpage automation - AutoHotkey examples.

How To install LibreOffice Calc offline / stand-alone help files
	 operating system:	windows 7 pro 64 bit
	 LibreOffice version:	"Help" menu, "About LibreOffice": "Version"
	 help install file:	"LibreOffice_7.1.4_Win_x64_helppack_en-US.msi" - 2,168 kb
	 I want offline help files for LibreOffice Calc.
	I went to "Help" menu to open them,
	but it said I don't have them installed.
		 went to: https://www.libreoffice.org/download/download/
		 selected Windows version from drop down list (e.g. Windows 7 64 bit)
		 clicked link: "Help for offline use: English (US)"
		 ran install file
		("welcome to the installation wizard for LibreOffice 7.1 Help Pack")
			 (default install location: C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\)
	 "Help" menu, "LibreOffice Help" item now opens help page in browser:
	C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\help\en-US\text\scalc\main0000.html
	("Welcome to the LibreOffice Calc Help")

AutoHotkey - pdf page-split and text-convert - print specific pages - script example
 AutoHotkey script runs pdf command-line tool(s) to page-split / text-convert pdf files.
Then text-parses and prints pages (certain invoices) specified by csv file.

Autohotkey - rename/copy files specified by csv file - script example
 AutoHotkey script renames/copies images specified by csv file.
(checks if filenames contain ID's specified in csv file,
gathering images associated with customer orders).

AutoHotkey - webscraping - input product - output tab-separated product info - script example
 User copies products' input parameters to clipboard, presses hotkey,
then script queries website and outputs tab-separated results to copy and paste to Excel

SQL hotstrings/macros with AutoHotkey - examples
 Use AutoHotkey macros, hotkeys, and scripts to write SQL code faster.
Generate code, manipulate clipboard, and automate keyboard/mouse input.

AutoHotkey - run PokerStove hand-matchups - generate HTML color-coded table - script example
 Runs PokerStove (169 times; once per starting hand vs random hands)
and generates an HTML table color-coded by hand strength.

AutoHotkey - EverQuest - spam attack keys to kill nearby wandering monsters - script example
 Uses settimer to send keys (e.g. presses the "1" or "2" key) to the game window to attack monsters.

AutoHotkey - extract pdf images - combine into single page for printing - script example
 Uses pdf command-line tool(s) to text-convert and extract images (packing slip and postage label) from PDF files,
then uses image-editing command-line tool to combine images into single printable page.

AutoHotkey - edit csv file - script example
 Add/populate column(s), change date/number formats.
Prepares orders file to input into software.

2022-06-30: PRODUCT COMPARISON: "GI Revive" vs "Terra Origin Healthy Gut": (ingredients, price, servings, reviews, description)